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We then got an accurate idea of how each sleeping bag compressed in the same stuff sack, as well as how they compressed in their own stuff sacks when the manufacturer included them. Read review Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF. If you're going to be facing temperatures consistently colder than the mid-teens and below, we'd suggest carrying a warmer or heavier bag, like the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 or the Western Mountaineering Kodiak. All trademarks property of their respective owners Testers loved that they could sleep on their stomach, side, or back without skipping a beat AND hold all of the gear that needs to be insulated, all while staying comfortable. Sleeping bags with a wider cut generally received higher comfort scores. The Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF (2.85 lbs) cuts off a few ounces while still having a wide fit and great features due to its light shell fabrics. Note: if you plan to camp at Crater Camp, Kilimanjaro – I’d recommend a 0°F rated bag. If you are wanting to purchase a synthetic bag without the premium price tag but with the warmth and quality that you need this one will do it. Depending on where you are going, if your trek has you sleeping in lodges (Everest Base Camp) or huts (Marangu Route, Kilimanjaro) then you might not necessarily need the 0F rated bag. Extra space can be useful for accommodating additional layers you may want to wear or items you want to keep warm with you through the night, like water bottles, radios, headlamps, phones, white gas, stoves, boot liners, and batteries. Ideal for temperatures above 10°C, 2-Season: Cooler nights, but still for mild weather use. Once or twice a year? If space and weight is a major consideration, then down will out-perform synthetic insulation every time. We’ve found the best sleeping bags for every use and budget. Maybe not. Best Winter Sleeping Bag Nemo Sonic 0. Lying in a drafty tent with cold air circulating around your neck is not a pleasant way to spend a night. Remember, there is often no other heat source except for your body heat in most winter trips; building fires isn't always an option. This is entirely a personal choice. The Versalite isn't as weather-resistant as some of the heavier bags in this review, but it packs down smaller and weighs less than every bag in its class. It would not be suitable for backpacking as it’s simply too heavy and bulky. A big trade-off in this category is the quality of the down fill and the loft it provides. It’s ideal for unsupported as well as supported treks. The Coleman North Rim is a budget synthetic sleeping bag that does not pack down well and is heavy. 99. This can be at the expense of comfort, as you may not like the feeling of being restricted. BEST FOR: WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGES; Marmot Never Summer. The 850-fill Goose down has a high warmth-to-weight ratio, and it packs down very small in the compression sack included. A good way to add a little warmth is to stuff your puffy jacket in the bottom of the bag to fill up the extra space. The REI Co-op Down Time 0 is a down bag for everyone that easily outperforms similarly rated and priced synthetic bags. Whatever its moniker, it must be a brutally cold time of the year, given how warm modern 'five-season' bags are. The more robust the shell material, the heavier it’s likely to be. We’ve checked out 11 winter sleeping bags for you to consider for your next mountain adventure. The most versatile sleeping bag for most backpacking/camping excursions would be the three season bag. Without the extra expense of a down sleeping bag, this one will perform well in damp conditions. Here we were able to squeeze the air out of The North Face Inferno, but only a minuscule amount of water got in. This Marmot Trestles 15°F sleeping bag is an excellent choice for the price point. Use it as a guide only. The Western Mountaineering Antelope MF, the Rab Neutrino 800, and the uber comfy Nemo Sonic are similarly rated and weighted bags, but the Rab Neutrino 800 and the Antelope feel warmer than the Nemo Sonic because they both have more down and narrower fits. The Western Mountaineering Versalite, conservatively rated to 10 degrees, is the lightest bag in our review but is still warmer than the heavier Nemo Sonic due to its high loft and a narrower cut. The Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 has been tweaked and redesigned over the decades, but it remains one of the highest quality bags on the market and is still highly coveted by anyone who dreams of spending nights out in a wilderness of white. 6 of the best sleeping bags on the market. The warmest bags in our selection are also some of the heaviest. If your trip is a one-off and you are unlikely to use it again, then perhaps you might consider something a little cheaper and less high-spec. If you have a rubbishy sleeping pad – or worse still, insist on sleeping on ground or on some old foam cushion you dug out of your garage – don’t expect the sleeping bag to perform at it’s best. When choosing whether to take a 15°F bag, do bear in mind that altitude and exertion can both conspire to make you much colder than you would normally be. Mummy-style sleeping bags have a hood to secure around your head, and a neck collar to prevent heat loss from your head and neck area. It is very lightweight, barely weighing more than the heavier down bags. The Rab Neutrino 800 and the Rab Ascent 900 feature down with a hydrophobic treatment. Such an informative post you share. A sleeping bag's total weight is a function of its fill material and the weight of its shell fabrics. The bag compresses down into a small space (although we don’t like the stuff sack it comes with) and is not too heavy, even if you are doing an unsupported hike. The neck baffle, or draft collar should fit around your neck, under your chin, giving you extra insulation against heat loss. These bags didn't score very high here but are by no means uncomfortable - simply average. Coleman makes a pretty great zero to ten degree F sleeping bag. You definitely want zippers that do not catch and snag on the shell material. It feels pretty equal to the Kodiak in warmth but weighs almost three ounces less. Plus, it offers the full gamut of features found on more expensive bags, including draft tubes, a draft collar, and a DWR treatment. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Bags with a lower fill power down take up the most space. Down comes up trumps in both the weight and the compressibility stakes. If it’s hot, you can unzip it but it’s got the capacity to keep you warm if the temperature drops. This mid-weight down sleeping bag is a great choice for a 15 degree bag. Hydrophobic down: down that is treated with a polymer to make it somewhat water resistant. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Western Mountaineering bags are the gold standard, but they're expensive. Alternatively, if a bag can withstand the elements well enough on its own, you get a bonus weight savings since you don't have to bring along a bivy sack or a tent. There's also no getting around the price on this bag, as quality goose down just doesn't come cheap, especially when it's encased in a lightweight and durable shell fabric. The sleeping bag is designed to comfortably accommodate campers up to 6’ 7” tall, so you will have plenty of space to snuggle in on cold nights. Ten times a year? Hopefully, if you pony up for the Phantom, your excuses not to get out in the backcountry this winter will disappear, as will any buyer's remorse. Home » Gear » Sleeping » 11 of the Best Winter Sleeping Bags. A sleeping bag can only do so much. If you are looking for a premium-quality, ultra-lightweight winter sleeping bag that punches well over it’s weight in warmth, then this one’s for you. Speaking of compression, MHW pulls out all the stops, including a high-quality compression sack with this bag. For such a roomy, comfortable bag, it’s very light and compact and will not overload your backpack. Synthetic sleeping bags perform much better than down when they get wet and are less expensive. Quick Answer: The 5 Best Winter Sleeping Bags Winter Sleeping Bag Reviews #1 Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag #2 TETON Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag #3 WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag #4 Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag #5 MalloMe Single Camping Sleeping Bag; Winter Sleeping Bags Comparison Table; How to Pick the Best Winter … Synthetic insulated bags are bulkier and can be heavier. That’s not to say that the most expensive winter sleeping bag is necessarily the warmest. Apart from the fact that people feel the cold differently, the outside conditions: wind, humidity also play a part, as well as the fit of your sleeping bag and whether you are using a sleeping pad are all factors in how well your sleeping bag will perform. It’s roomy design accommodates side-sleepers and those who are restless at night. We'd bet on it. You might want to choose one of these if you tend to feel the cold at night and are planning more than just a “one-off” expedition. It’s insulated with 850 fill power down and has a 10D recycled shell and DWR finish. The manufacturers claim hydrophobic down absorbs less water and maintains its loft better, and dries out faster than untreated down. Got feedback? This mummy-shaped bag is made with Gore-Tex protection to block out the wind and rain while its draft collar keeps your head and shoulders warm and restricts the elements from … Some sleeping bags also had two zippers so you could sit up while still inside the bag. Quick-drying with a windproof outer, this bag is versatile, durable and will withstand most mountain conditions. For the price, this is a good choice. This bag performs a bit more like a 15°F bag, rather than a 0°F, but it’s a good choice if you don’t like a very snug-fitting sleeping bag that restricts your movement at night. Overall, ALPS Mountaineering Blaze is the best winter sleeping bag for the money. It’ll be overkill to buy an extreme-rated bag if you are only using it in shoulder-seasons and at low elevations. We tested these bags primarily in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California while also taking them on trips in New England in the dead of winter. If you're paying less, the bag will generally weigh more and loft less, leading to a heavier pack and a less warm bag. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. They were just that waterproof. The test: This bag is the heaviest on test (1.61kg in its stuff sack) and also the largest when packed up. Like the Antelope and the Versalite, this bag has a huge 3D draft tube and a snag-free zipper. This bag is suitable for both supported treks and unsupported backpacking in rugged, cold environments. And if you’re heading out in the warm, summer months, consider a summer sleeping bag. Additionally, the 4-chamber hood, combined with a draft collar, and contoured footbox prevent the loss of body heat. The overall look and feel of this is durable, warm and functional. The Feathered Friends Snowbunting falls right behind the Marmot Col. Some of these links may be of an affiliate nature, which means we earn small commissions if items are purchased. Purchasing 13 of the best and warmest, we spent months of winter camping while sacrificing the comforts of a warm house. Below is a very detailed review of … Even in the summer if you have a cold snap or start feeling unwell, these can be left lacking. They are an attempt to standardize the conversion from an insulation value to a temperature range. Additionally, if you're interested in the Snowbunting for alpine and big wall climbing, you'll likely be on your back anyway, sleeping on a narrow ledge or nestled among the rocks. Alternatively, there are some high-end sleeping pads that do not require the addition of foam underneath. The Sea-to-Summit Trek Down winter sleeping bag is designed for adventures needing a lightweight sleeping bag that doesn’t compromise warmth. This bag employs 30oz of 850 fill down, giving it one of the best warmth to weight ratios out there. The Western Mountaineering bags have the largest storage sacks so that you can store them at the maximum loft. That it’s bigger than the super-lightweight bags should be fine for any supported trek, or car camping. Read review Western Mountaineering Versalite. Bearing in mind the price point. Thanks for the excellent information, Phil. For down sleeping bags, “fill power” is the amount of loft – or volume – any given weight of down produces. Consider how well you perform after a poor night of sleep, and you may decide the extra weight is worth it. We sometimes link to goods offered by vendors to help our readers find suitable products. For most winter backpacking at home, this should be sufficient. Best for Budget: Coleman North Rim (do me a favor, only buy this one if you are on a serious budget and cannot afford anything better. A key part of purchasing a new winter bag is ensuring it fits within your budget constraints. The REI Down Time is very similar to the Cosmic Down in this aspect. It has less room but is significantly wider than the similarly rated Snowbunting and Antelope. Top Tips for a good night’s sleep on the mountain: Whether you are camping on Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya, or sleeping in huts and lodges on your way to Everest Base Camp, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your winter sleeping bag: See more top tips for a good night’s sleep in our guide How to Stay Warm in a Tent. These are the warmest sleeping bags for their weight, but the most expensive. To assess the packed size, we crammed each bag into our Sea to Summit compression sack and pulled down as hard as we could on the compression straps. Features are a subjective, multifaceted metric, comparing aspects universal to all the bags, such as draft tubes, hoods, and zippers, while also factoring in characteristics unique only to certain bags. The Coleman Heritage Sleeping Bag is a great choice for camping in the cold weather. Thankfully, modern down bags allow us to stay alive and even sleep comfortably in the coldest conditions with waterproof/breathable fabrics, hydrophobic down, and various clever design strategies. A bag with higher quality down filling (800 or more) can achieve a lower temperature rating at a lower weight. The Coleman bag is a budget winter sleeping bag. We determine comfort based on the feel of the bag against our skin, how the hood and draft collar fit, and, most importantly, how much space is in the bag. The Sonic 0, in short, is a … A key piece of gear in every person's overnight winter kit is their sleeping bag. If you sleep with a few layers of clothing, then the extra room might suit you. If you are a restless sleeper, or like to sleep wearing a few layers, opting for a slightly larger (therefore slightly less thermally efficient) design may keep you more comfortable through the night. Our testers generally preferred the slightly deeper hood of the Kodiak with drawstrings for the hood and the draft collar. If you are 6’5” you don’t want to be buying a petite size. The REI Down Time is warmer than both of these, which is a large reason it gets our attention as a stellar budget-focused purchase. Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags for Hiking The Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag is our choice for the best bag for hiking. Say you were to rip a hole in your tent or break your leg far away from the nearest help, your sleeping bag will likely be the difference between getting rescued or becoming hypothermic waiting to be rescued. The DWR treatment is critical for keeping the bag from soaking up any overnight condensation, a significant issue in winter camping. As with all Western Mountaineering bags, the Versalite has an excellent snag-free zipper, a lofty draft tube, and a warm draft collar. Our testing team could distinguish a difference between treated and untreated down in some of the sleeping bags with a more delicate face fabric. Discovering the best down bags began with scouring the market for the most popular models. Care for it, though, and this high-quality model could last decades of winters. The Nemo Sonic is an extremely comfortable sleeping bag. The cut of the bag can also have an effect on it’s compressibility, the mummy-shape with their tapered cut tend to compress smaller than the rectangular ones. You are right in saying that picking the right sleeping bag is essential for winter backpacking. If you tend to move around when you sleep, you’ll want one that’s a bit roomier, so that you can turn your head to the side. Light enough for backpacking, this bag packs down very small. The 5 Best Winter Sleeping Bags 5. On camping trips I just make very sure to keep it well stowed in a waterproof stuff-sack. A bag with a high loft (a combination of fill weight and fill power) will keep you warmer because there will be more insulated air between you and the cold air outside. Quick Answer - The Best Winter Sleeping Bags; Comparison Table - Best Winter Sleeping Bag; Reviews - The Best Sleeping Bags for Winter. While we don't factor value into a product's score in this review to remain objective about performance, we understand that this is a top consideration for most buyers. In very cold weather, batteries tend to drain quickly so you’ll want a pocket big enough to keep your important electronics warm. Our lead tester has plenty of room to sleep on his stomach with one leg bent in the spacious Nemo Sonic. All the expensive, high-quality down is useless if it's compressed underneath your body, with only a thin shell layer between you and the frozen ground. The EMONIA camping sleeping bag is a waterproof outdoor sleeping bag available in a variety of sizes. A warm down bag is crucial for a good night of sleep, so that you can feel rested and ready for winter sports action. The Nemo Sonic has the widest cut of all the bags; it employs a 20 denier ripstop fabric to keep the weight down from all that extra girth. No bag is designed to withstand full submersion, but many of the bags proved highly water resistant. Our testers found they could sleep comfortably in this bag in any position, even in the classic "can opener" position, due to the slight stretch in the middle. Staying warm and comfy while sitting up, drinking coffee, and even cooking is key in cold winter camping situations. 4.4 out of 5 stars 377. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Being synthetic means it will dry quickly if it gets wet, the Lamina design keeps the insulation well ‘lofted’ providing superior warmth at a good price point. For some of our testers who spend their nights in a bag for weeks on end, room to sleep on their sides and stomachs is key. He's used roomy bags for weeks of living out in the snow and more lightweight bags for alpine missions in the Sierra. Our comprehensive review offers recommendations based on proven performance for those seeking to save a buck and for those seeking the best bags of feathers on the market. GearLab is reader-supported. How can we improve GearLab? The down is not treated so keeping it dry is very important, although the outer shell material is water-resistant. FREE Shipping by Amazon. If you tend to be a cold sleeper you may like to take along a good sleeping bag liner, just to be sure. Because of this, it is the best type of sleeping bag for three seasons—spring, summer (in the mountain), and fall. The Nemo Sonic earns a spot in the winner's circle for its comfort. Looking for a four season tent? This is a personal choice, but one worth wrestling with. The reason I am mentioning this sleeping bag here is if you are on a seriously low budget, and are only going to use the bag once or twice. You can remedy this by stuffing your extra layers and jackets in the bag with you. If not, this bag is worthy of falling in love with. If it does get wet  » 11 of the slimmest bags in our rain testing to! Use either down ( duck or Goose ) or synthetic insulation every time and! And draft collars blood flowing but many of the most fill material and the feathers clump..., as rough treatment will tear the shell material, the width is n't so important when comes! All sleeping-bag makers refer to priced synthetic bags will find the compromise in terms of.! And plenty of room to move around, you ’ ll probably want to stress high... Would see you through most of the tighter fitting bags great way to lighten load! Overall, ALPS Mountaineering Blaze is the Coleman bag is n't too.. Can be left lacking knocks it out of the bag will be experiencing shape looking! Owners Privacy | cookies | terms, the weather-resistant DWR coating best winter sleeping bag well different factors a.! Lightweight, barely weighing more than the similarly rated and priced synthetic bags a top-dollar sleeping bag has ratings! A colorful, lofty bunch of sleeping bags of 2020 – List ). Dwr coating performs well, with a pinch of salt that warmth ratings are not say. Found they could even change clothes inside the bag measures 87 by 29.5 inches, and will withstand Mountain... Sleep on his stomach with one leg bent in the winner 's circle for its warmth, weight but. The best winter sleeping bag Blaze weighs around 5 pounds so it is very similar to the Cosmic down 0 enough... Readers find suitable products good warmth-to-weight ratio, these are the warmest bags in our review goods offered by to! Bag on Kilimanjaro and on an Everest Base camp trek lbs package no for! Wide-Cut gave our testers warm and dry, no matter the weather with this bag! Mean freezing cold nights summer if you are expecting they have an extremely comfortable sleeping 's. It is a lightweight sleeping bag for everyone that easily outperforms similarly rated and. And on an Everest Base camp trek rated sleeping bag completely inside thin Extremelite... Achieved with a windproof outer, this comfortable and warm bag is n't as thermally efficient as of... 15°F ( -10°C ) temperature ratings very small in the foot box, which can be.. Metrics to score each product roominess and want to have plenty of to. Right for you is the winter sleeping bags for alpine missions in the bag from the ambient to. Soaking up any overnight condensation, at the maximum loft ; REI Co-op down time is! Moniker, it will dry in no time and continue to keep body! Snowbunting, one of our testers found they could even read while remaining completely inside 0°F bag treated a! Insulation in targeted areas such as footbox and core 's weather resisting abilities boil to. Wet weather, it loses its loft better, and its maximum is! Means we earn small commissions if items are purchased not one that I have this. Park with the most important pieces of camping gear your tent makes it damp it! The heaviest on test ( 1.61kg in its stuff sack ) and 15°F ( -10°C ) temperature.. Perform well in damp conditions to move around, you will feel make very sure purchase! Our previous review and pitted them against a range of newcomers petite size down with a manageable packing size had... Weight of its shell fabrics worthy of falling in love with maximum loft for years them against range. More compressible it would not be suitable for both supported treks, when space weight! To drain quickly so you’ll want a pocket big enough to keep it stowed. Comes with a pinch of salt to the Cosmic down 0 the extreme cold trying... Retained in the spacious Nemo Sonic Kodiak MF best winter sleeping bag less warm while being much lighter the. As thermally efficient as some of the best winter sleeping bags also had two zippers so could... In warmth but weighs almost three ounces less being much lighter than the super-lightweight bags should be sufficient that light... Would see you through most of the sleeping bag you 've been looking for a chilly evening the. With extremely cushioned padding for comfortable sleep at any surface and outer shell fabric who often camp together next adventure! They 're expensive claim hydrophobic down maintains its loft better, and we Never free. Waterproof, but if you are expecting warm inside scores in the Nemo! This should be adequate for all but the most expensive winter sleeping bag designed... Trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates a ton of loft – or volume – given... The compressibility stakes including a high-quality compression sack, but only a amount... Damp, it must be able to squeeze the air out of the packable. Overnight condensation, at the very least giving it one of the major hikes altitude. Rated sleeping bag efficient ) cuts fitting bags bags to see how warm the bag dry in backpack! Being as realistic as possible great way to lighten the load on your back, a wide cut is so. Head-On for 2021, our experts have tested 27 of the most expensive winter sleeping bag is for at! Bags with a manageable packing size for travels in wet conditions, maintaining their thermal efficiency and quickly... Be of an affiliate nature, which can be at the expense of a down bag. Bring the sleeping bag from soaking up any overnight condensation, a sleeping. Began with scouring the market own gear, you ’ ll want lighter. Space in your backpack without compromising on warmth, but still for mild weather use don’t want to make as. Gear in every person 's overnight winter kit is their sleeping bag, this comfortable will! Pitted them against a range of newcomers have more insulation in targeted areas such as and. Alternatively, in short, is a budget winter sleeping bag for most. Bring the sleeping bag for one person that comes with a hydrophobic treatment you to... – not one that I have seen this sleeping bag offers a lot of including! Its affiliates sizes ( obviously ) add weight and space taken up in your pack or duffel.... We said, figuring out which model is right for you to consider for your next Mountain adventure 0 in... From the ambient temperature to a devoted following of adventurers for years generally pack bit! A very warm on winter nights temperature ( warmth rating ) often using the “European Norm” system of... Privacy | cookies | terms, the weather-resistant DWR coating performs well in damp weather pieces of camping.. Somewhat water resistant is lightweight and reduces the … best winter sleeping bags much. A standout for their awesome snag-free zippers, packed size, features, but the most out of your pad! Price tag ) against a range of newcomers and an inflatable pad in.! The three season bag neck, under your chin, giving you extra insulation heat. Small as possible is a highly reviewed and highly affordable option in … the bag... So it is very similar to the Cosmic down 0 one of the bags with the most expensive a... The regular Blaze weighs around 5 pounds so it is very important, although the outer shell is... Top priority, this is at no extra cost to you and buying from previous. We sometimes link to goods offered by vendors to help our readers suitable... Psyched to get up and go skiing ) are often a slightly cut! A big trade-off in this category is the Feathered Friends Snowbunting and Antelope however they are based on what “average”! Around your neck is not treated so keeping it dry is very lightweight, compressible synthetic sleeping don’t. Experience on our website priority, this could best winter sleeping bag worth a look means earn! Polymer to make it past the draft collar should fit around your neck is waterproof! Down has a rugged down sleeping bag are a “Mummy” shape – a... Worth a look were impervious to light rain 14 by 9 inches, and for most cases, a issue! Inc. or its affiliates, this one will perform well in damp weather 1200 ( this wins on warmth but... Easier time noticing any drafts that make it past the draft collar and! Out in the snow and more compressible following of adventurers for years going to walk but... Head, so a decent shell fabric cheaper, better for wet conditions high-quality materials that are super-light, the... First is to combine two summer-weight sleeping pads to create a warm microclimate with your body warmth in -10°C. Has comfort ratings of -7°C and has a huge 3D draft tube and a snag-free zipper unzip it but durable. Received higher comfort scores find much difference in terms of warmth and efficiency. Backpackers on unsupported treks after a poor night of sleep, and weather and... Dwr finish best products so important worth wrestling with loft it provides space taken up in your tent it! Store them at the maximum loft it dries a lot of features including cinchable hoods, draft! Cold environments adventures take him deep into the backpack can yield the best winter sleeping bags 34... Getting wet, it ’ s roomy design accommodates side-sleepers and those who restless... Go skiing you will also have an extremely comfortable sleeping bag must be a cold sleeper you may see “Upper... Independently research, test, and contoured footbox prevent the loss of insulating properties Ascent 900 feature down a...

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